for 1524 mm gauge

T3B44 «Еlectron» three section tram

Name of parameter

Three section tram


Model of the tram


Length, m


Width, mm


Height of the roof / general (without pantograph), м

3,2 / 3,4

Track, mm


The number of axle


Formula of pretext


The number of sections


The number of seat places


The highest passenger capacity (provided that 8 pas/m2), max


The number of places for transportation of invalids


The number and disposition of driving axle


In front and back sections

The number and disposition of not driving axle


Low floor level, for standing passengers


Bore of new / wearingout wheels, mm

660 / 580

Maximal lifting, that can overcome, not less than, % 0


Minimal radius of the curve, m


Wheel base of the trolleys, mm


Number double leaf doors / single-leafed doors

2 / 2

Width of slot for double leaf / single-leafed doors, not less than, mm

1300 / 650

Width of the aisle between the seats / in the area of trolleys not less than, mm

700 / 450

Curb weight of the road tram, not more, t


Technically admissible maximum weight of the tram, t



Each trolley is equipped with a device for automatic lubrication rebord wheels while driving crooked track areas according to p.6.3.8 DSTU 4876:2007

Each drive trolley is equipped with a device for automatic, dosed supply of sand to the rails by p. 4.10 DSTU 4224:2003

System diagnostics of technical condition systems made according to DSTU 4876:2007

Saving energy up to 40% (through recuperation)

It is possible to install air condition in the salon (air condition for the driver's seat is included in standard equipment)

The tram can move without contact wire:

- to 1 km with a speed of  5 km/h, using charge standard storage batteries;

- to 10 km with a speed of 20 km/h. due to extra batteries that can be installed on request




The rest of hardware


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