for 1000 mm gauge

T7L86 «Еlectron» seven section tram

Name of parameter

Seven section tram


Model of the tram


Length, m


Width, mm


Height of the roof/general (without pantograph), м

3,2 / 3,4

Track, mm


The number of axle


Formula of pretext


The number of sections


The number of seat places


The highest passenger capacity (provided that 8 pas/m2), max


The number of places for transportation of invalids

1 (2)

The number and disposition of driving axle


in 1, 3 and 7 sections

The number and disposition of not driving axle

2 and 5 section

Low floor level, for standing passengers


Bore of new/wearingout wheels, mm

660 / 580

Maximal lifting, that can overcome, not less than, % 0


Minimal radius of the curve, m


Wheel base of the trolleys, mm


Number double leaf doors / single-leafed doors

6 / 2

Width of slot for double leaf/ single-leafed doors,not less than, mm

1300 / 650

Width of the aisle between the seats/ in the area of trolleys not less than, mm

700 / 450

Curb weight of the road tram, not more, t


Technically admissible maximum weight of the tram, t



Each trolley is equipped with a device for automatic lubrication rebord wheels while driving crooked track areas according to p.6.3.8 DSTU 4876:2007

Each drive trolley is equipped with a device for automatic, dosed supply of sand to the rails by p. 4.10 DSTU 4224:2003

System diagnostics of technical condition systems made according to DSTU 4876:2007

Saving energy up to 40% (through recuperation)

It is possible to install air condition in the salon (air condition for the driver's seat is included in standard equipment)

The tram can move without contact wire:

- to 1 km with a speed of 5 km/h., using charge standard storage batteries;

- to 10 km with a speed of 20 km/h due to extra batteries that can be installed on request




The rest of hardware


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