Comfort, functionality and quality are the main parameters of public transport. Passengers using public transport want to feel comfy and safe. Modern city residents wish that the area they live in were clean and quiet. Consequently, every city authorities are trying to reduce the noise level and exhaust emissions to improve the quality of life and protect the environment. The trolleybuses have been a successful a solution to this problem for over eighty years.


New low-floor trolleybus comply with the concept of public transport's being "city-friendly”, owing to the electric traction, high comfort, dynamic and smooth movement, low noise level and no exhaust. The combination of modern design, high quality components and materials as well as the skilled engineering design are the Electron trolleybuses' essential characteristics.


The main advantages of the «Electron» trolleybuses

Road safety and passenger:

- here are several independent braking systems on the trolley, it has electrodynamic brakes, the EBS pneumatic system (which includes ABS and ASR) with disc brakes, parking and bus stop brakes.

- all the trolleybus interior parts, including the seat casing, are made of non-combustible materials.

-specially designed devices for current leakage control are used on the Electron trolleybus.

Comfort of the compartment:

-the independent front suspension makes the trolley-bus motion easy and smooth.

-due to the use of touch screens in the driver's cabin, the number of buttons, switches and benchmarks has been significantly reduced. The inside and outside surveillance cameras allow the driver to monitor the pantograph on the roof, in the compartment and on the road, outside the trolleybus.

-the programmable electronic scoreboard and the creeping line inside the compartment provide maxi-mum information content to passengers as to the trolleybus' route and motion.

-the powerful heaters installed in the driver's cab and passenger compartment support the trolleybus micro-climate. The electronic heating control system maintains a comfortable temperature in the compartment.

-100% low floor. Entrance height is 340mm, and it is 240mm with the "kneeling” function. The large area glazed with tinted glass provide great visibility.


Design features:

-asynchronous motors that do not require frequent maintenance are used for the main drive

-the IGBT transistor traction converter with vector control is installed on the trolleybus in order to provide the smooth and safe mode of its motion in difficult road conditions, such as rises with sharp turns, frequent acceleration-deceleration etc.

-the energy recuperates when the trolleybus  is braking, which allows to use the saved energy or return it to the main electrical network

-the trolleybus body is made of stainless steel, which ensures its long life (15–20 years)

-It is easy and convenient to get an access to the pneumatic and electrical devices from the motor and passenger compartments

-units produced by the world's leading manufacturers are used in the Electron trolleybuses chassis.

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