Vitaliy Klychko acquainted with a tram and vehicles of «Electron» Corporation production


On the 5-th of October Kyyv mayor Vitaliy Klychko visited «Electrontrans» Joint Ukrainian-German venture.

The enterprise production capacities and a new broad-gauge full low-floor tram of its own production were shown to the guest from the capital. As Vitaliy Klychko said from the step of a new tram car, he will do everything that in the near future, already next year, on the capital tracks high-speed and comfortable «Electron» trams will appear, the trams which are worthy of Kyyv as a European capital, coming up to take place of worn-down capital park of electric transport.

In addition to the tram, the vehicles of «ElectronMash» production – a new six-wheel motor «Electron» trucks of multifunctional purpose for municipal services and ambulances were demonstrated to Kyyv mayor.

Vitaliy Klychko showed a grate interest in the vehicles and wish to purchase them for the capital needs.









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