Lviv electric bus is already being tested on the road.


The first novelty of Lviv "Electron" - electric bus - already reeling kilometers outside the territory of the plant. A Lviv will start to haul within 10 days.

The first electric bus was presented on the "Electron" in November last year. Then look at the creation of Lviv arrived Minister of Infrastructure. Two months later, the car finally leaves the shop to go production testing. He has run over 200 km. In the electric bus is very similar to the trolley, but it is more convenient, because it is not attached to the network, says a driver with 30 years of experience.

"When I arrived, they were 9TR - little old ladies, round yet, but eventually went to the 14th, then "LAZ" is now gone from the trolley "Electron" and now electric bus. Everything in the world is growing and we need to grow"- said Vladimir Krushelnitsky electric bus driver.

The battery charge is enough for 220 km. These are two working shifts. Can be dispersed up to 70 km per hour. Inside, nothing more. There is a place for people with disabilities. Marking Ukrainian. Filling electrobus under the skin. His work is controlled dozens of processors. It was watching them programmer.

"There are a large number of batteries to ensure working. They work in heavy duty, charge, discharge. It is necessary to constantly monitor their parameters: voltage, capacity, temperature"- said Pavlo Godlewski system programmer.

The hardest thing was to develop a system of e-governance. This work took the television plant "Electron". Here are united mechanics, electronics and programming.

"Until now, these systems are purchased abroad. Picking Lviv programmers,
radioelectronic engineers, we formed a group and within a year developed a number of electronic control systems"- said General Director of TV plant "Electron" Orest Yaremchuk.

First Ukrainian electrobus worth 9 million UAH. The developers claim: 3.5 years it will pay off. It does not require a complete and cheap to maintain.

"The price of its daily operation is very low - about 200 UAH. When compared with a similar diesel bus - it is 10-15 times more - it 2-2,5 thousand. UAH. And we do not have belts, filters"- said the director of "Electrontrans” Vasily Petsuh.

In "Lvivelectrotrans" already know where will run electric buses - 13th trolleybus routes. But when - the exact date yet.

"We have great hope that in the near future, possibly up to 7-8 days after the successful tests we put into operation", - said the director of LCP "Lvivelectrotrans" Michael Sidorovich.

We add that this is the first electric bus in Ukraine, and also their production. Similar are in Germany, Belgium and London.

Irina Panchishin,

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