In the capital of Ukraine “Electron” Corporation won trams delivery tender


«Electrontrans» Joint Ukrainian-German venture, which is a part of "Electron” Corporation, won an important tender in delivery of seven "Electron” trams for Kyyiv.


The customer of new trams for the capital is "Kyyivpastrans” municipal enterprise. Information of tender commission about acceptance of Lviv machine builders` proposal is placed in "Bulletin of state purchases". The cost of accepted tender is 183 mill 750 thou grn.


After signing the contract "Electron” Corporation will manufacture five-section T5B64 trams of 30-m length for 1524 – mm gauge. These are one-space 100% low-floor trams of big passenger capacity, each of them is intended for 287 passengers. The trams are equipped with ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems, are adapted to the passengers with disabilities and other low mobile groups of inhabitants. One more important feature of "Electron” trams - they are manufactured of anticorrosive and fireproof materials.


 Commentary of the president of "Electron” Corporation Yuriy Bubes:


Сertainly,we are, satisfied with acceptance of our proposal by "Kyyivpastrans”  tender commission. Now we are getting ready for signing the contract  and when according to the applicable legislation all judicial actions are carried out, we shall start to fulfill the important order for us.


"Electron” trams  - these are modern Ukrainian cars successfully used in Lviv and the comfort  of which satisfies both Lviv inhabitants and guests of the town from the whole Ukraine and abroad. We are assured that they also will be estimated at their true worth by the capital.


We are grateful to Lviv mayor Andrey Sadovyy for his comprehensive support of us as a domestic producer, for his stand in principal, that Lviv is a European town and it is worth of  public transport of European quality. Today the capital of our country will have such transport too.  We are also ready to deliver our trams to a foreign market. European Union gave us  preferences  -  we can supply our trams without import duty by the end of 2015.  Our "Electron” tram meets all European demands, but cannot be supplied to the countries of EU because of the process of implementation of our legislation to the European standards.  Now with the assistance of Lviv regional state administration and, personally, of  its chairman Oleg Synyutka we succeeded to take part  in discussions with core  ministries. As a result,  we got encouragement from Ministry of infrastructure and its minister Mr. Andrey Pyvovars`kyy – together we are working at  unification of domestic standards with European ones. Just like we work with Ministry of economical development and trade of Ukraine, the head of which  Ayvaras Abramavichus personally visited our production. These facts show, that proceeding from the state interests the government is equally attentively nice to both state  and private enterprises. Also , I want to add, that now intensive work in creation of state program of electric transport development in Ukraine – economical, environmental, safe and more perspective type of communication is going on.


Сommittees of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine give  much attention to the issue and especially the committee on the transport problems. It should be added, that just the strategy was given by all highly developed countries of Europe and  the world , and Ukraine follows the positive example.

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