«Electron» Corporation presents the first trolleybus of its own production


The first trolleybus of «Electron» trademark, built by «Electrontrans» Joint Ukrainian-German venture, was presented by the president of «Electron» Corporation Yuriy Bubes at «Lviv commodity producer-2014» annual exhibition.

Т19101 «Electron» trolleybus – it is a 12 –meter, full low floor urban transport vehicle of superior comfort, with a total capacity of 106 passengers (including 34 seats). It meets all European demands to passengers carrying.

To ensure comfort of passengers` boarding on and off the trolleybus pneumatic system «kneeling» is arranged due to which at the stop of public transport the trolleybus additionally sinks, reducing road slot (clearance). For people with disabilities a passenger compartment is equipped with signal knobs and folding ramp for wheelchair arrival to especially arranged place with safety belts for its fixation during traffic.

A passenger compartment of the trolleybus is furnished with comfortable vandal resistant seats, information video monitors and a panel with scrolling text. The compartment heating system – air heaters. Microclimate in driver`s cabin is provided with a conditioner. Actuator control of Т19101 «Electron» trolleybus is carried out with transistorized system, which provides the mode of energy recuperation – return of current into the electricity network, ensuring electricity saving up to 40%.

The trolleybus develops a speed of 70 km per hour. Traffic safety is secured with electronic control and monitoring system, ABS system and also external and internal video surveillance cameras and external view mirrors with electric heating.

In the trolleybus (CAN-system) computer control of all devices is used, which allows to carry out a constant diagnosing of trolleybus state and in operation reduces expenditure of time and maintenance costs in the course of check up.

The trolleybus body is made of stainless steel, external facing – of glass-fibre plastic, so the trolleybus has a reliable anticorrosion protection.

The first Т19101 «Electron» trolleybus produced for Lviv and will be given to LKP «Lvivelectrotrans».

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