Ukrainian début: «Electron» tram – at InnoTrans-2014 exhibition


Lviv Т3L44 «Electron» tram became one of 140 premières of X International InnoTrans-2014 exhibition of transport engineering – the greatest exhibition of world level in the sphere of up-to-date rail transport, which had been taking place in Berlin from the 23-d to 26-th of October.

At the grand parade of new production and creative concepts of the near future in rail transport sphere, demonstrated by the world-known grandees, such as: Siemens, Alstom, Bombardier, Vossloh, the début of Ukraine was successful – for the first time our country presented its own tram of Lviv «Electron» Corporation production.

Т3L44 «Electron» full low-floor tram was presented by «Electron» Corporation together with German partner Transtec F&E Vetschau called OmniTram. The tram is an own brother of well-known to the residents of Lviv 5-section low-floor «Electron» tram, which more than a year has been already successfully carrying residents of Lviv and the gests of the town, only it has 3 sections, it is 19,5 m long, and its total capacity is 160 passengers, including 35 seats and a place for a wheelchair.

Ukrainian new product attracted interest of top-managers of foreign companies-manufacturers of urban electric transport, visitors-specialists and specialized press, and above all – potential customers. Furthermore, the interest was shown not only on the part of a big market, namely, of Germany and the countries of East Europe, but on the part of grate transport companies of the countries of other continents – Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and other countries of Latin America, and also Turkey, China and Japan. The interest was aroused for the reason that up-to-date «Electron» tram specifications, parameters of safety, comfort level and stylish design, high competitive price (it is a weighty criterion for practical and pragmatic business circles in choice of goods) are not inferior to other more distinguished competitors.

In exhibition centre, demonstrating its operating article, «Electrontrans» JV together with its Germany partner Transtec F&E Vetschau on a stand presented production and high technological potentials of up-to-date machine building enterprise, which is able to produce tram cars for tracks of a different gauge (1000 mm1435 mm and 1524 mm), and also other kinds of urban electric transport – trolleybuses and electric buses.

In the course of the exhibition work a delegation from «Electron» at the head of the president of the Corporation Yuriy Bubes carried on a number of important negotiations in organization of collaboration and entente cordiale both with representatives of companies-producers of units and components for urban electric transport, and with a number of big transport companies, interested in purchase of Ukrainian trams.

Already soon a display specimen of 3-section «Electron» tram will change its location – from Messe Berlin exhibition centre «Electron» tram will move to its home town, to LKP «Lviv electrontrans» tram park and serve residents of Lviv.









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