Electrobus and trolleybus «Electron» for Lviv


Under the terms of the held and accepted tender the joint Ukrainian-German venture «Electrontrans»which is a part of Electron corporation, will make electrobus and the trolleybus for Lviv.

The «Electron» electrobus is an eco-friendly city transport and an example of rational use on passenger transport cheap (in comparison with petrol and diesel fuel) electric power.

For comparison: the cost of 100 km of run at the bus with the diesel engine makes 450 UAH, And in the electrobus - 31 UAH. That is, if with the diesel engine on a shift (run of 300 km) it is necessary fuel for the sum of 1350 UAH, for the same run the cost of charging storage batteries of the electrobus makes 94 UAH. It is necessary to add and that traction of the electric motors have efficiency to 95% (in comparison with 22-42% at internal combustion engines).

Charging of traction accumulators of the electrobus occurs in park from the special high-voltage charger. It is possible to recharge batteries during regenerative braking and while driving down the hills (when switching the motor in generator mode). The resource of traction batteries of the electrobus - not less than 5 years.

The «Electron» electrobus differs in comparison with regular bus also with simplicity of the design and steering, high reliability and durability of operation, convenience of servicing, big interservice run and increased requirements of traffic safety and passengers.

The electrobus has full-wheel drive, in its configuration the scheme «motor wheel» that allowed to refuse from a gear box and a propeller shaft.

Braking system - pneumatic, with ABS. It is realized also a possibility of braking by the electric motor without use of mechanical brakes, that significantly prolongs life cycle of brake shoes.

Completely low-floor electrobus «Electron» is ecological, quiet, with high smoothness of a course luxury passenger transport. Electrobus is equipped with ramp for the entrance of passengers on a wheelchair and a special place with the equipment for its fixing during movement. The interior of the electrobus has 30 places for sitting, and full passenger capacity - 80 people. In interior it is established autonomous system of heating and video surveillance system - color video cameras in interior and the color monitor in a driver's cab.

What about the new trolleybus «Electron» it is a modern, completely low-floor electrotransport, it is equipped with adaptations for physically disabled people. General capacity of people – 106. The main constructive difference of the new trolleybus is possibility of its autonomous course (without contact network) on distance of 3 km.

Electrobus and trolleybus «Electron» will be made during 2014.

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