The «Electron» trams are up-to-date one-space low-floor cars, which engineering level meets present European norms for the municipal electric transport, in particular concerning the level of safety and comfort. By their design the «Electron» trams smoothly fit both into new blocks of urban agglomerations, and into the cities with formed historical environments.


The model range of «Electron» trams is built for tracks of a different gauge 1000 mm, 1435 mm and 1524 mm and includes two-, five-, seven-section, and more-section cars.


Wide doors and low level floor all along the car are convenient for passengers boarding on and off, especially for children and people with disabilities. Large windows provide wide field of view, a compartment is equipped with heating and air conditioning systems, and also the systems for reducing vibration and noise in the course of the tram movement.



The main advantages of the «Electron» trams as compared to the cars, which are operated in Ukraine and CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States)



Road safety and passenger:

- the tram car meets all newest Ukrainian and European standards and norms;

- all details of the compartment, including a sheathing of seats, are made of noncombustible materials;

- GPS-system for monitoring and registration of the car motion variables is installed in the tram;

- a system of traction drive ensures an emergency movement of the car with operating traction engines of a single bogie;

- automatic anti-lock braking system improves braking properties of the car and a possibility of wheels locking;

- the car is equipped with automatic batchers units for supplying sand to the rails in case of the tram skidding or braking;

- the car has a rear engine control centre for backing with a button, which simulates the functions of a «safety pedal», installed in the driver’s cab;

- in the tram a high-efficiency hydraulic brake system of back action, in case if one of the brake circuits brakes is out of action, is applied;

- the means of rapid emergency braking are installed in a passenger compartment;

- the tram is equipped with external and internal video cameras of panoramic view of a passenger compartment, platforms near the passenger doors and zones behind the compartment, which provide a wider visibility zone and a driver’s control over a traffic situation, passengers boarding on and off.



Comfort of the compartment:

- the car is made as a united space with a low placement of the floor (the level of low-floor ratio amounts to 100%);

- large windows provide wide visibility;

- special coating of double-glass panes of the windows is energy efficient in a cold season and reflects ultraviolet rays of the sun in heat;

- folding vents of the windows provide natural circulation of the air;

- the tram is distinguished by a low level of noise and vibration in the course of movement;

- convenient rioter-resistant seats are installed in a passenger compartment;

- the car floor in the area of the compartment door is equipped with a heating system, which eliminates frost-up and icing of the snow in winter season;

- the car is equipped with the system of audio and visual information for passengers, particularly with video monitors and information boards;

- the car is equipped with a ramp with a convenient drive for providing passenger on a wheelchair access to the compartment;

- the car is provided with a separate area for placing the wheelchair of disabled person with a back and safety belts;

- the passenger compartment of the tram is equipped with the systems of air-conditioning and heating of the passenger cab;

- the passenger doors control is carried out by means of the program, which regulates the time and effort of the doors opening and closing and gives a possibility to control the doors directly by passengers;

- convenience of the driver’s work is provided by ergonomic cockpit with adjustable seat with an air suspension, separate air conditioner and sensor control units;

- the car has a free Wi-Fi access to the Internet.



Design features:

- the tram structure applies traction liquid-cooled induction motors;

- the bogies with an individual drive (actuating device) of each wheel and disk mechanical brakes, which consist of two semi-frames, interconnected by means of resilient elements for reducing the wear of the rail, are installed in the tram;

- the tram has two-stage cushioning of the car sections with spring elements;

- the structure of drive bogies applies a separate cushioning of a motor unit;

- the vector pulse-width modulation of the parameters of traction engines control system enables to complete use of the traction engines power notwithstanding a load change on the engine shaft;

- the traction engines control system includes a computer diagnostic system, carries out control of the state of the traction actuating device, including the registration of the fault incidences and looking through the events over a particular period of time, which fact facilitates work in the course of maintenance and repair of the car;

- control of the car current collector is perfomed from the driver’s cab;

- the lamps with light-emitting-diode elements are applied for illumination of the passenger compartment (power consumption for illumination is reduced);

- a lubricating system for wheel flanges on the curved track is installed on the front bogie of the tram;

- a storage battery of the car provides its movement in an autonomous mode up to 1000 m;

- by means of CAN bus(Controller Area Network) a control system provides commutation of simultaneously operating car devices and enables to reduce significantly the amount of cables, carries out fast and silent control of peripheral devices and their diagnostics;

- at the moment of the car braking due to the modern power drive an energy recovery occurs;

– a return of the current to the mains (energy saving amounts to 40%).