Today, this type of transport is experiencing a real renaissance. In Europe, the concept of tram-pedestrian city center gained a huge popularity. After all trams of the latest generation even can't be compared to predecessors – they are silent, comfortable, with climatecontrol and simply quicker. And their elegant design became a real decoration of the cities  the modern tram Electron organically fitted into a pattern of the old streets of Lviv.



By number of trolleybus systems Ukraine takes the second place in the world – they are working in 42 cities of the country, for comparison  in all states of Europe together taken they are slightly more than one hundred). However unexpectedly trolleybuses got to favor of Europeans (for their ecological and economic reasons) and demand for them grows in the whole continent. The Lvov trolleybus Electron was created first of all for the cities of Ukraine, thanks to its characteristics, it is quite capable to join the European park of these cars.



The first electric bus of the Ukrainian production with the brand of «Electron» comes to the streets of our cities. New means of the city communication has essential advantages in comparison with traditional public buses it doesn't pollute the air with combustion products, and the main thing  the electrobus is several times cheaper in a service and operation.