Â«Electronmash» LTD offers services in production of details and work pieces on the tube bending machine with numerical program control of AKYPAK ARK-81 firm ( Turkey).

In the department there are band saw and pipe bending machines with numerical program control for tubes and profiles bending by a drawing curve.

The tube bending machine AKYPAK ARK-81 and its software allow to make wide scale of details of an integral tube and cross-sections taking into account degree of elasticity of metal.

Types of performed works:

- Bending of elbows with the minimum deformation and the smoothest transition from a direct piece to a bend place;

- Bending of profile pipes of a given radius;

- Bending of angles of any radius (as DC and AC), with a bend planes inside or outside;

- Bending channels and I-beams in any plane;

- Bending metal bands and bars.

It is possible to bend profiles and long products, such as:

- Standard semi-circular, semicircular with straight sections and complex arches;

- The circle and the ellipse;

- Arch type rectangle with corners;

- Spiral.

Works are performed as from our material, as from materials of a customer in any quantity and in the most short time.

If you are interested in our offers, details of your order you can send by email commerce@eltrans.electron.ua.