JV «Electrontrans» offers services in bending of any metal, including stainless steel.

Bending of the sheet metal can be done as a separate operation, and a stage in the manufacture of articles(for example, in combination with laser cutting).

Our experts perform works on a high-precision equipment with numerical program control – metal sheet bending press of «TRUMPF» company, that allows to make products practically any complexity.

«TRUMPF» metal sheet bending press differ with high quality and accuracy of processing of sheet metal. Thickness of metal for bending of the press is up to 12mm.

The main advantage of using bending presses is a high-speed implementation of operations on processing of sheet metal.

JV «Electrontrans» offers customers professional, services in bending of profiled sheet metal of various alloys, ensuring a hight level of quality and replication of details of any level of complexity.

JV «Electrontrans» guarantees the highly professional approach, full technical support at all stages of implementation of orders according to your drawings, drawings and sketches and high quality of their performance.

If you are interested in our offers, details of your order you can send by email commerce@eltrans.electron.ua.